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Lubelski - Impulse Response - Dirtybird


Lubelski has been building a strong presence in LA’s underground scene, playing across the clubs and multi-day festivals as a long-time guest of the Desert Hearts crew and an anchor to his newer Percomaniacs label. With a background in electrical engineering, he is always exploring the sounds and frequencies of analog and modular gear.  

Claude’s been paying attention, and Lubelski has even been invited to come by and visit a few times in the process. He presented a lot of interesting demos but “Impulse Response” really stood apart. The track has a very special and unique breakdown that sounds like a human voice but its so wildly manipulated it becomes its own creepy angelic sound. 

The B side, “Ego Trippin” has a really catchy groove that works incredibly well on that funk-house tip. Again, the vocals are manipulated expertly but this time as more rhythmic elements instead of soundscapes. 





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