featured release: ACTION JUICE

The self proclaimed 'Dirtyboy' from Brazil is back. Bruno Furlan has an infectious energy that carries through into his music. His highly distinctive style is based on a restrained economy of sounds. This minimal approach makes for some of the rawest funk beats on the label. Everything is in exactly the right place and all the grooves are perfect.

Take the first single, 'Action'. After a massive descending fall we drop into the most hard hitting simple beat with an even simpler bassline - it's pure dirt. And on the other single 'Orange Juice', the surprises are all masterfully held until the very end of the track where it kicks into a frenzy of bubbling filth - brilliant.

At only 22 years old, Bruno Furlan has achieved what some artists never achieve - his own distinct original sound. Who knows where he can take it from here.


Available now!  Click here for more info →

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Dirtybird is excited to present Maximono's Non Sense Tour, celebrating their new EP, out now on Dirtybird Select. The boys hit the road in early June, with extensive dates across North America. Click the flyer above for all the details and tickets.


We're heading to the ATL for a Dirtybird Players Stage Takeover at Imagine Festival! On September 24, join Claude VonStroke, Shiba San, Will Clarke, Ciszak and Dateless for a full day of Dirty beats in the dirty south! Click on the flyer for tickets.


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