He's ridden us raw with his naked piano, made our booties clap so hard we've needed medical care, shown us his tits and he's even taken us to the mo... Wherever that is. Now Belgian wunderkind Kill Frenzy is about to flip the biggest switch of his career and whisk us away on his most exciting, most extensive dirtybird adventure yet: His long-awaited debut album, "Taylr Swft."

Famed for his ability to carve carnal drama from one smoldering 808 sermon and a sleazy panty-dropping vocal loop, here we find Sebastian Vanschoonbeek developing his uncompromising, ghetto-bound repertoire with serious maturity, depth, and class. Building on his well-established bass-laced bedrock, each of these cuts flex with dynamics that will find favor with all house and techno connoisseurs and do so with complete consistency as a whole body of work... hell, they work so well dirtybird bossman VonStroke is almost reluctant to release them.

Proof of Kill Frenzys next-levelism is evident in every single direction; the cavernous thundering march of "All Night Long," the bouncy techno fluctuations of "Inflation," the sultry deep house dish "XXX," the sheer tech tenacity and roof-burning electro-fication of "Lava," the delicate jazz keys and purring sub bass of "So Fine".... The list goes on. Press play, then press it again for good measure