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Justin Jay - Don't Trip Like This - Dirtybird


When we put out Justin Jay’s first record in 2011, he was a teenager that couldn’t even get into most of our parties because he was too young. Since then, he’s traveling the country each week headlining parties on his own and has become a prolific and versatile artist that can produce chart-topping dance music, write alluring indie music songs, or orchestrate and lead his full band, Fantastic Voyage.

His versatility is on display with his latest Dirtybird EP, “Don’t Trip Like This”. The lead track “Don’t Trip” is an attention grabber, with a bassline that bounces and beats and melodies that literally ‘trip’.

“Like This” is more heavy and experimental, with a hefty square bassline and erratic, syncopated rhythms that come together for a track that commands just as much attention.

As a bonus, Justin did a special sped up techno version of “Don’t Trip’, which has worked so well in his live sets that it had to be part of the package.





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