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Create a Dirtybird Store Wishlist to Win


Come one, come all! Share your wishlist for a chance to make your #DirtybirdWish come true. Since holidays are a time for giving, we're going to satisfy your deepest desires. Shop the Dirtybird Store and make a list to let us know what you want, then share your wishes with the world and use the official hashtag to enter. Please note: only merchandise from the Dirtybird Store will be included in the prize.

One lucky winner AND their friend will get their wish list delivered to them before Chirstmas! 


There's more than one way to play, so read the Rules below to make it count.

  • Must post your wishlist to Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #DirtybirdWish 
  • Use the above template and fill it out, or create one online with My Wishlist available at the shop 
  • The winner will be chosen on November 25th at 12:00 PM PST
  • Limit of up to 6 items
  • BONUS: Tag a friend to double your chances and have them win their wishlist too! 


  1. Screenshot the wishlist or download it HERE.
  2. Fill it out by printing and writing, or virtually adding names of the items you want.
  3. Post it on Instagram or Twitter, Tag Dirtybird and hashtag #DirtybirdWish to be entered.
  4. Double your chances by tagging your friend for them to win their wishlist too!


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