CLAUDE VONSTROKE This 2009 release is Claude VonStroke's second artist album. In true Claude VonStroke style, the music is a diverse menagerie of sounds and samples. Many provided by the man himself. His love for his home city of San Francisco and its people heavily influences the music of‚ 'Bird Brain'. The sites and sounds of the bustling Haight St. where he lives have seeped into the tracks. As has the never-ending enthusiasm of those dirty, smelly San Fran folk who just love getting down to the booty-shaking, rump-rustling bass in Golden Gate Park. These are the same party people who don't give a damn about the next house fad or the next 'big DJ' playing in Ibiza. As CVS himself puts it. "If the last album was 'Who's Afraid of Detroit', then this is clearly 'I Love San Francisco'." So what can u expect from 'Bird Brain'? Well, he's taken the ready and rough-edged sounds from the first album and sanded them smooth. But do not fear CVS lovers. The album is chock full of dirty, slutty, dank, funny and giggling cuts. Just with a smoother overall vibe. Less axe murdering breakdowns, but with all the quirky madness still intact. Lets call it 'VonStroke 2.0'.



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