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Best of the Birdfeed, Vol. 2


The Birdfeed is Dirtybird's subscription-based private club releasing exclusive music every week outside of the traditional DSPs. It is a place for exclusive tracks from developing Dirtybird artists who showcase their skills on a weekly basis. Some of these tracks stand out from the pack and make the leap from Birdfeed-exclusive to regular Dirtybird releases.

“Best of the Birdfeed, Vol 2” showcases these recent highlights. Many brand new artists and some familiar faces such as Luke Andy, Pimpo Gama, DKING and Mancodex, all show up here to show their skills. The compilation also features a special edit of Animellix’s “Lost in the Forest” from Claude VonStroke, the man behind all the tracks chosen for both Birdfeed and Dirtybird proper.





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