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Best of the Birdfeed



We have the most loyal fans in the world at Dirtybird. Our Birdfeed service began as a place for our superfans to get guestlists, contests, event passes and exclusive releases. 

We also receive a ton of demos each week and Claude famously listens to all of them. There is a lot of great music that gets submitted, but it’s impossible to release every good track. 

“Best of the Birdfeed,” is where the Birdfeed service and all the amazing demos meet in the middle.

In 2018, we decided to put out an exclusive track every Monday on the Birdfeed, allowing us to develop new artists. Each quarter Claude picks the best of the bunch, using club go-ers and birdfeed members to help his decision. The best of these exclusive Birdfeed tracks go on a compilation released worldwide. 

This first collection features 5 tracks that stood out on the dancefloor and with the fans —Josh Brown’s remix of “I Operate”, Lucati’s “Drumpf”, Mike McFly’s “Cone Blower, GAWP’s “Coolade”, and Abel de Jong’s “Make it Drip”.

To get the other great tracks you may have missed, there’s only one way to get them…..sign up at the ‘Feed.




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