An open letter to our Dirtybird community


We understand that our values are important to anyone who is a part of our community, and we have learned that we have a responsibility to make a difference in the fight and support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  We have made mistakes, and our mistakes are part of the learning process. We appreciate that our community has held us accountable, and we are listening and taking action. 

Dirtybird has always strived to bring people together, it is the core of our mission. From the beginning, we booked and released music from a diverse roster of artists, but we can do better. It’s our time to create opportunities and pathways for underrepresented people to excel and join our family. 

Dirtybird is making the following commitments: 

Mentorship/Scholarship Program
We are in the process of developing a Dirtybird mentorship/scholarship program and will be working in conjunction with an online music school for production and/or music business to create a scholarship program for black students who need financial assistance. More details will be announced in the coming weeks. 

We reaffirm our commitment to booking even more diverse lineups and to prioritizing this commitment at all Dirtybird events. 

Motherbird Mgmt
We are forming a new management company led by Claude VonStroke and Aundy Crenshaw to use our recources to personally help develop and promote black artists.

We will continue to hire BIPOC/POC (Black, Indigenous People of Color/People of Color) at our events, label, and clothing companies and we promise to be more proactive towards this effort whenever we have influence over these choices. 

We hope these first steps can help create change to better black lives. We welcome suggestions on how we can do more. We want to thank our fans and artists for supporting us. You make the difference every day and give us the wind on our back to keep moving forward.