+ kyle watson

Last spotted on the label just two months ago, Bruno Furlan has made such a strong impression at Dirtybird Headquarters he’s already back with two more premium productions. Hell, he’s made such an impression they’re calling him ‘Dirtyboy’.

This time Bruno’s brought a wingman: Kyle Watson. Last spotted on the label’s festive 7 Days Of Dirtybird project just over a year ago (and spotted on Simma Black, This Ain’t Bristol and Bunny Tiger since) the South African artist’s signature compliments Bruno’s skills toe-to-toe as the two dance a provocative techfunk dance.

‘Marshmallows’ was made with Dirtybird in mind. Duly road tested by VonStroke, the click-slap drums, bulbous postcode-exclusive bassline and rippling, rising chords sealed the deal on the spot. ‘But Why?’ plays the consummate track two: Fusing a snake-charming hook, a rubber ball bassline, the pendulum hook and twisted vocal percussive elements, it asks way more questions than it answers. Do you have any questions?