"k.o." by

Last year I put a Bruno Furlan track on our 10 year compilation without really knowing anything about him. But later that year I went to Brazil and met him in person. I have to say I rarely meet a young producer with so much pure, good-hearted enthusiasm as Bruno Furlan. This young man is so happy and eager I found it impossible not to like him. (I even met his lovely parents twice!) This always goes a long way at DIRTYBIRD but of course it still comes down to the music.

Bruno Furlan has captured a very simple, VERY funky sound that is really special in my opinion. The beats are huge yet nothing is over the top, everything is quirky and bumpy and very much what i like to play. The samples are all slightly odd and placed in very particular spots in the pocket so that the beats really ride. You can feel the funk oozing out of these tracks. I give it all high marks. The big track is “K.O.” but all of them have different charms for different situations. I urge you to please check out this new talent from Brazil!

— Claude VonStroke