Asadinho - Is That My Wig?

As Dirtybird originated in San Francisco, we were pretty spoiled music-wise. The city was filled with world class DJ's that you could see in a 2000 person club on the weekend, or after work on a Tuesday at a taco restaurant. There was a litany of quality music that rolled in week in and week out from all over the world that had a sound that perfectly set the unique vibe of SF.

There were so many great records during these golden years that often times a brilliant track would get a brief stint of fame here on the dancefloors and bars, only to disappear and get replaced the following week when the next round of records arrived at the shops.

“Is That My Wig?” & “Cha For Che” from Asadihno are two examples of tracks that take us back to those years where tech, deep and soul didn't mean a thing and everyone danced under one roof.

Initially released in 2008 under his original artist name Asad Rizvi, “Is That My Wig?” has been re-discovered by Claude VonStroke and freshly packaged with the previously unreleased “Cha for Che” on our Dirtybird Select label.

UPC: 5054282555876 / Release Date: 10/07/2016

UPC: 5054282555876 / Release Date: 10/07/2016